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Practice with Pronouns is a site that lets you practise subject, object, possessive, and reflexive forms of English third person pronouns. It comes with a few of the most common options, but you can also fill in whatever pronouns you like. Useful for both English learners and people wanting to practise using nonbinary pronouns.  

As if it couldn’t get any more delightful, it often uses quotes from Welcome to Night Vale in the practice sentences, which is definitely far more entertaining than See Spot Run. The feedback sentences are also very cute. 

(Hm, I’m pretty sure the second blank in that screenshot should have said “xyr”, in retrospect.)


Firefighter Danae Mines just broke through one of the FDNY’s most hallowed glass ceilings

New York City firefighter Danae Mines is the first woman to appear in the FDNY’s annual Calendar of Heroes, which features different firefighters in various locations for each month of the year.

The calendar is notorious for its photos of shirtless male firefighters; its yearly release is usually met with applause and long lines of people waiting to snag copies.

Why she’s a rarity in the FDNY


Anonymous asked:

I'm just seeing Cop!AU where Ruby runs into Regina when they're both not working, Ruby out shopping with Mary Margaret or something. Regina freezing in what looks like fear to Ruby's eyes. She doesn't know why til she hears a tiny voice yell "Mommy!" and a very small boy crashes into Regina's legs, smiling shyly and hiding behind her skirt. 'Please don't say anything'. Ruby introduces Regina as "Someone who helped me on a case". MM doesn't ask and Henry thinks Mommy helped the "Goodguys"






this makes me feel a lot of things

THIS ONLY LEAVES ME WITH MORE QUESTIONS! Is Henry her child, or is it still OUaT rules, where he’s actually Emma’s? And if so, where is she? Did she just abandon Henry on the street? Was Emma a druggie who got picked up, and Regina found him? Did Emma and Regina work together? Where they once lovers as well? Did they use to work for the same pimp, who is Henry’s father (maybe), who got violent, and Emma had to fake her death or run away, but left Henry in Regina’s care, with the promise she’d be back, but it’s years later and Regina can only think she must be dead but continues to raise Henry as her own, which is why she flirts intensely with Ruby but also why she keeps that cop/prostitute line between them because she just can’t get hurt again and she really really wants Ruby?

We need a meeting to sort this out and create the best AU tumblr the red queen fanfom has ever seen.

holy shit yes. agreed. 100poundsofcatfish get your ass over here. we need you. 

I wanna know! Please share headcanons or give the discussion a super unique tag I can follow! Please?

When I start to feel incredulous that ALL of the senshi would pair up romantically with each other and there’s not a single dude, I just remember that there are plenty of plotlines featuring only heterosexual couples all of the time and it’s just that I’ve internalized a lot of bullshit. Incredulity cured!

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